Why Every FIFA World Cup Semi-Finalist Has a Chance to Win in 2022

The semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will comprise Argentina, Morocco, Croatia, and France. Explore the reasons why each can win the World Cup.

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting its semi-final phase, all eyes are on Argentina, Morocco, Croatia, and France. All four teams have defeated strong teams and are worthy of being in the semi-finals.

Even though some squads appear better than others on paper, every football fan knows that any of these four teams can win the trophy. However, which team has the best chance to make it past everything? 

Here is one reason why each of them can be the potential winner of FIFA World Cup and one reason why they cannot.


World Cup 2022 Record: Group C, first place

Results: 2-1 loss Saudi Arabia, 2-0 win Mexico, 2-0 win Poland, 2-1 win Australia, Penalty win Netherlands

Upcoming Match: Croatia

Although Messi is the superstar of the team, the Argentinian squad has come together to win multiple games without Messi performing up to par.

Game management is the primary reason why Argentina might not make it through, as visible in the first two games.


World Cup 2022 Record: Group D, first place

Results: 4-1 win Australia, 2-1 win Denmark, 1-0 loss Tunisia, 3-1 win Poland, 2-1 win England

Upcoming Match: Morocco

As the defending champion, France is undoubtedly the hot favorite. The team’s starting 11 includes three match winners, making them a legitimate World Cup contender.

The team is lacking on the defensive front, as seen by its lack of clean sheets throughout the tournament.


World Cup 2022 Record: Group F, first place

Results: 0-0 draw Croatia, 2-0 win Belgium, 2-1 win Canada, Penalty win Spain, 1-0 win Portugal 

Upcoming Match: France

Unlike France, Morocco has managed to be the best defensive side in the tournament. The team has only conceded one goal in the previous five games.

The team has not shown any impressive attacking performance, which is concerning against an attacking team like France.


World Cup 2022 Record: Group F, second place

Results: 0-0 draw Morocco, 4-1 win Canada, 0-0 draw Belgium, Penalty win Japan, Penalty win Brazil

Upcoming Match: Argentina 

The team boasts a strong midfield trio with Luka, Mateo, and Marcelo, who are capable of making top-notch plays against any team.

Croatia has only shown true aggressiveness against Canada, staying shut down in two matches.