Why Do Business Cards Still Exist?

It’s almost as old as the business itself. Even if you don’t own a smartphone, you should still carry business cards to make contact with potential clients. A business card is an essential piece of real estate for a brand, and it’s important to keep it looking as professional as possible. So why do business cards still exist? Listed below are the reasons why you should carry them around. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

The coronavirus pandemic led to a steep decline in business card printing. No one was meeting in-person to exchange them, so they remained redundant. Whether or not people will return to the habit depends on time. In 2017, the US business card printing industry was worth $1.2 billion. However, it’s unlikely to reach those numbers anytime soon. Even with this reduction in circulation, business cards are still an important marketing tool.

The most obvious reason is efficiency. While digital tools are streamlined for efficiency in the digital world, they don’t work nearly as well in face-to-face situations. For example, handing a business card takes only five seconds while telling someone how to contact you online takes a lot more time. You might also be interrupting the flow of a business conversation if you give them your phone number. In addition, most people have difficulty remembering your connection request on their smartphone.

Aside from being practical and efficient, business cards can also be extremely creative. There are business cards that are 3D, metal, or edible! The design style and content you choose will depend on your industry, brand, and personality. While the trend toward innovative tech has increased the number of business cards, the classic business card remains the best choice for networking events. With its many uses, business cards are sure to remain a useful tool in the future.