What will France do at the World Cup with these losses?

The French team lost a large number of players before the World Cup. Although the team’s rotation is quite large, some players are simply irreplaceable. The most significant loss was the players in the center of the field – Paul Pogba and N’golo Kante. It was these two players who were key players in the winning World Cup in 2018.

In 2018, Varan, Umtiti, and Griezmann were considered the main leaders of that France. However, very little attention was paid to central midfielders Paul Pogba and N’golo Kante. Without these players, the French national team is very vulnerable.

There is a special bond in these two players and this despite the fact that they only play together in national teams. Each is good individually, but most brilliant in their respective tandem.

Kante’s specialty is destruction. Disposing of other people’s attacks is his hobbyhorse and his main pleasure on the soccer field. Pogba’s inclination is creation. Giving an unexpected pass or checkmate the opponent with a dribble – his main skills on the soccer field.

Kante and Pogba are a competent defense and a quality attack. These players can quickly interrupt the attack of the opponent and with the help of sharpening passes start their attack.

Now the main hope of France in the center of the field is 22-year-old Aurélien Tchouameni. His style of play is somewhat reminiscent of Kante and Pogba. Tchouameni, like Kante, specializes in the destruction of others’ attacks, but at the same time he can create a moment with a great pass or a sudden connection to the goal with the subsequent pass or shot, just as Paul does.

The French team is quite difficult group at the World Cup, to pass to the final part of the tournament will have to show a high level of performance. To make watching the matches of the World Cup more interesting, we advise to refer to bet UG.

Despite staffing problems France still remains one of the main objects of attention at the World Cup. Head coach Didier Deschamps has a lot of work to do now, he needs to make the right rotation so the team has not lost a lot in the quality of play, and is a contender for the championship in the tournament. I wonder how the coach will wriggle out and how much of France’s game will depend on the talent of Real Madrid. Since June of this year, France has had one win, three losses and two draws in the League of Nations. Not the most convincing statistic for a championship contender.