What Is The Bounce Rate That Maewsom Is Talking About??

Bounce Rate

Anyone who is doing a website or doing SEO, raise your hand! because if you own a website or are interested in website SEO development, this article is very suitable. you must read Because this is about another important metric: the term “Bounce Rate”.

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Just listening to the name like this, you may not be able to imagine that. Why is this value important and what is the Bounce Rate that Maewsom is talking about? And if wanting to make this value effective, are there any techniques that can help?

Bounce Rate is a metric used to measure the impact of visitors who enter a single page and leave. Without having to click on to other pages more (The percentage of single-page sessions), whether it’s for a long time or just a few seconds. But if there is no interaction with other pages at all, it can increase the Bounce Rate of the website. And this value is also related to the quality of the website. Can we create a website that is good enough for people to want to continue using it or not?

For the calculation method, it is not difficult at all, the formula is as follows:

for example Approximately 10,000 people visit your website per month and about 5,000 people access one page and then click away, indicating that the website’s bounce rate is 50% of all users. If you see this, then you must think, ” Why is it that half of people only come to one page of a website and leave?

Why is bounce rate important?

Since Bounce Rate is considered one of the important metrics to measure the quality of a website, marketers, content creators, SEOs or website builders often use Bounce Rate to measure the quality of various website pages. That has visitors and then clicks away or not without clicking to another page. If the Bounce Rate is high, it means that that website page There may be some problem. Bounce Rate is like a value that can be used to check the health of the website in another form.

What causes the Bounce Rate to go up or down?

For factors that make the Bounce Rate higher or lower. will depend on many factors which is often related to the SEO Performance of the website as well

– Speed – slow of Page Speed if the website loads very slowly. Probably no one would want to use it, of course, come in and will immediately press out.

– Inefficient website design will cause higher Bounce Rate, for example, complex website structure design, can’t find any clicks, no Mobile Friendly Version, etc.

– Contents and keywords that are not related, for example, Keyword has a search intent, but writing content does not answer the question and what people are searching for, it will cause people to click and click away.

– Make a website without taking into account Mobile Friendly, causing it to not work as well on mobile phones as it should be.

– Each type of website will have different high-low bounce rates, for example, website pages that display information in multiple pages, such as articles, blog posts, etc., will have a higher bounce rate than the displayed website page. Single page results, such as product or service pages

– amount of content by a website with a lot of content On the same website page, there will be a higher Bounce Rate chance.

– Not all users of the website may be interested in reading the content. Some people may have the purpose of coming in just to find a phone number. or some information and then leave

– Making advertisements that bring in a lot of traffic, but that page Doesn’t help to convert, it may cause a higher bounce rate as well.

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