Medical Marijuanas In QLD & The Woes For Drivers

Those who take medical marijuanas in QLD are much like the rest of the country when it comes to one important factor of everyday life – driving.

Since medicinal cannabis was legalised for prescription back in 2016, one of the confounding elements for the entire process has been the grey area that exists for drivers and those who depend on the medication in the interests of safety and drug testing on the roads.

There has been notable contention in recent years as to the true impairment levels that can be associated with medical marijuanas in QLD, with the debate based around roadside drug testing and the legal levels for drivers.

Currently, there are numerous pathways for patients to gain access to medical marijuanas in QLD that are legal – this has furthered the need for a discussion in a more holistic and understanding manner surrounding the driving rules and the notion of impairment.

This article will be going over the fundamentals of the debate and why there’s hope for users of medical marijuanas in QLD.

International Studies

There are a number of studies being conducted by institutions around the world about the many prevailing effects and impacts of medicinal cannabis weed dispensary near me. For patients who are prescribed medical marijuanas in QLD, the question of impairment is the hot-button topic of conversation.

However, it is useful to note that in 2020, there was a reported study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association that made some interesting findings related to CBD and driving specifically. The study was conducted at the Maastricht University in The Netherlands and involved testing the driving ability and impairment of users at certain time periods after ingesting cannabis products.

The study concluded that while THC did have an impairing element associated, they found that CBD without THC did not impact driving ability.

Now, this was one study of course, but it lends some weight to the notion of potential studies in the future to corroborate these findings.

A Push For Change

Patients who are currently taking medical marijuanas in QLD and who are worried about licenses have some hope on the horizon. There’s a reported review currently occurring that is looking at the current iterations of drug-driving laws that have impacted several users of medicinal marijuanas in QLD already.

The issue is a complex one to say the least as there are many factors that need to be considered of course. For now, the crux of the issue for users of medical marijuanas in QLD is legality and the risk of legal trouble if they’re tested and return a positive result, regardless of their state of impairment.

It’s fair to say that there is still a degree of confusion surrounding a number of laws related to medical marijuanas in QLD. One woman was reportedly charged for not having a small amount of her medication in its intended packaging which sparked an entirely different conversation and debate.

Nevertheless, it’s cases like the above that showcase the need for a more open and honest conversation for users of medical marijuanas in QLD, and the rest of Australia.


The jury is still well and truly out when it comes to conversations that we need to have about medical marijuanas in QLD related to packaging, driving, supply, and utility. It is not a simple fix and there are still many obstacles in the road ahead for patients, doctors, and lawmakers.

Rest assured, if there is at least some commitment by all sides to engage in healthy and upstanding debate, then there is no reason to not see a bright future for medicinal cannabis.

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