Is it relevant to hire a car accident attorney in Sherman Oaks?

The traffic in Southern California is horrible to say the least. Sadly, people often end up in accidents without a fault. California is a fault state. If you were hurt in a mishap on the roads of Sherman Oaks as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian due to the other driver’s negligent action, it is pertinent that you seek help. Meeting an attorney for legal consultation may seem like an added financial burden, but fortunately, most law firms don’t charge a fee for the initial meeting. In this post, we are sharing more about the role of injury lawyers after a car accident.

  1. Know the damages. What should you expect in a settlement? The answer depends on several questions, but a lawyer can evaluate the circumstances and help determine what the damages are worth. For instance, if you sustained a catastrophic injury that will keep you out of work for months or years to come, your claim is worth a lot more.
  2. Determine liability. Who is liable for your injuries? While the vehicle driver was at fault, there could be other variables too. Your lawyer is responsible for every step along the way and will investigate the accident in depth. They may need to work with other experts, including accident reconstruction specialists, to find out how the mishap happened.
  3. Handle the paperwork. You are required to file a third-party insurance claim with the other driver’s insurer, and there is considerable paperwork involved. Your lawyer knows that timing is everything and will adhere to other deadlines, ensuring you have the scope to sue the at-fault party if necessary ailovemusic.
  4. Negotiate the settlement. Dealing with the claims adjuster can be more confusing and pressurizing than you know, and if you have an attorney, they will take care of the negotiations. They understand how insurance companies deny and delay claims and will do what it takes to get a fair settlement.
  5. Work on the court case. If the other party was underinsured or didn’t have insurance, the insurance company’s offer is never going to be enough to recover your damages. Your lawyer can file a civil lawsuit, for which there is a 2-year deadline in California as per the statute of limitations. While litigation is always complicated and more time-consuming, it is often the only way to deal with the circumstances.

No matter whether you are partly liable for the accident, you deserve to know what the claim is worth, for which you need a lawyer.