Business Formal Dress Code in India

There are many different rules for dress codes in business in India. Generally, men should wear a button-down shirt, trousers, and a jacket. Women should wear a blouse and a skirt. Men should not wear ties in the summer. Men can also wear a T-shirt and jeans with sneakers, but they should avoid the formal look entirely. While it is common to wear a suit and tie, Indian businessmen will often opt for a simple T-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

The business formal dress code is similar to the one you see in the United States. Men should wear dark-colored suits and tie. Women should wear a skirt suit or a suit dress. The shoes should be made from Italian leather, such as oxfords. Women may also wear cuff links. Women are expected to wear a suit with a tie. If you’re not a business professional, you can wear separates that are work-appropriate.

Indians tend to be respectful of their elders and younger colleagues, even though they don’t share their same religion. However, Indians may be sensitive to these differences and still feel proud of their recent economic growth. They are also used to British conventions and manners, which still persist. When addressing someone, you should use the last name of the person, even if you have never met them before. It’s also customary to mention an academic title, such as “Mr.” or “Madam.”