Are Women Hotter Than Men in Business Suits?

Have you ever noticed that women seem to be more attracted to men in suits? This is not surprising, considering business attire is a staple of the male wardrobe. This type of attire has been a man’s best friend for generations. And although it may not be the most exciting look on the market, the right business suit can be a perfect choice for a woman’s wardrobe. Here are some ways to make your business outfit stand out from the crowd.

Pants: The first part of the business attire is pants. Pants should fit correctly and have no wrinkles. They should also be hemmed and not frayed. They can be made of various fabrics, including linen or cotton, depending on the season. You can also choose from colored denim, though make sure that it is a pure color and free of fading. A good pair of shoes will complete the look.

Blouses: Choose a fitted blouse that will not make your suit look bloated or bulky. Avoid transparent and sheer materials for the blouse. A well-fitted cotton shirt will look good under your business suit. A white button-up shirt is a classic option, while a printed or bold color shirt can be a great choice. If you’re unsure what to wear underneath a business shirt, a white button-up top is a good option.