5 Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Travel can be more than just fun. If you’re smart about it, you can turn travel into a lifestyle. You can even turn it into your job.

Digital nomads are on the rise. And you can be one of them. You just have to figure out how to finance yourself.

Here are some business ideas to get you started.

1. Freelancing

Get rid of the nine to five office job.

There’s no need to have set hours anymore.

Freelancers can negotiate high hourly rates. They can often get higher hourly rates than salaried employees.

Many freelancers don’t work on an hourly basis. They might be paid per project, which is ideal for fast workers.

If you can write quickly, get into SEO writing. Or if you’re a videographer, check out some freelance video projects.

There are lots of things that people need done.

Try a bit of freelancing on the side to see if it works for you. It’s a good way to earn money on the side, and it looks good on your resume.

You can freelance during your vacation if you want to test the waters.

Start small and see what you can handle.

2. Traveling Jobs

Lots of jobs allow you to travel.

Seek out a job where you travel for work.

You can maybe get perks even when you aren’t traveling for work.

One of the main perks of corporate travel is better hotel rates. Companies usually have a contract with a particular hotel company. Or they use a professional hotel booking service.

If your company has these perks, you can usually use them for personal travel. You’ll need to check before you book things, though.

Executive jobs require a lot of travel, but you don’t need to be a top-level executive to travel.

Nurses are in demand all over the country. Travel nursing could be a good option. It lets you gain experience in different hospitals.

You can travel with just about any job.

Workers are in demand all over the world. Find out where your skill is most needed. See if you can work there for a month or two.

Some jobs are all about traveling. The classic way to travel for work is to become a travel writer, but hotel and restaurant reviewers also travel frequently.

The important thing is to find a job you love.

3. Minimizing

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Sell your old things and make a profit by auctioning them off.

Go fully remote and sell your house or get rid of your apartment. You’ll save money on property taxes. However, selling your stuff probably isn’t the best long-term business idea.

It’s more of a way to help you get started.

Clear out your closet once a year and see if you can sell things. Your old sweatshirt might have turned into a vintage collector’s item.

You’d be surprised how much people will pay for your stuff.

4. Gig Jobs

The gig economy is here to stay.

Jump on board and check out one of these jobs.

Gig economy doesn’t mean just being an Uber driver.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to gig work. Teaching English online for a few hours counts as gig work.

Gig jobs are very flexible since you can set your own hours and work when you can. Some weeks there might be more work than others.

It can be good if you need to make money quickly, but it’s probably not the best long-term employment option.

5. Influencing

Influencers get a bad reputation.

However, they are some of the smartest business people out there.

Travel influencers have turned their passion into a career. It’s important to keep in mind that the influencing industry is very competitive. You need to know what you’re doing and stay organized.

Influencers have to be digitally savvy.

If you know what you’re doing, you can turn just about any hobby or interest into a job. There is a market for just about every interest or hobby.

Even your pet could become an influencer.


Travel is expensive, but it isn’t unaffordable. If you’re smart, you can live out your dreams and travel the world.

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