Smartphone Repairs Most Commonly Needed

Most smartphone owners know how frustrating it is to have a cracked screen; in fact, 50% have cracked screens at least once, and 21% have cracked screens right now! It’s always a good idea to know about common repair issues, even if your phone is in great shape. A few of these are:

Water Damage

The problem occurs sometimes, and it cannot always be fixed. Water damage can ruin your phone, whether it’s a result of spilled water or you just forgot your phone in your pocket before putting your pants in the laundry. The worst part is that water damage is not usually covered by warranties. A qualified technician is much better able to diagnose whether your phone can be repaired right away. To avoid further damage, you should take it to a repair shop as soon as possible.

The Screen

Although our phones contain delicate miniature technology, screens are the most commonly damaged. That’s because it is the part of the device that is most exposed to the elements and is also used the most now that phones no longer have physical keys. A quick slip of the hand and a short drop can result in a cracked screen for many people. Once damaged, the screen will have to be replaced by an expert. If you want convenience, choose someone who can perform the service the same day.

Charging port damage

Charging ports are used a lot. Charging cables and end ports of phones are all too easily bent or broken. This will eventually result in your device dying as the battery drains out. As a result, you should take it in and have it carefully and precisely serviced.


The technology has not yet advanced enough to solve the problem of batteries degrading over time. It is therefore expected that you will need to replace your smartphone’s battery at least once during its lifetime. This can easily be taken care of by an experienced technician, who can also diagnose any other issues affecting the battery. Getting a new battery may be necessary once your old one has degraded to about 80% to 85% of its former health.

Button Malfunction

It is also fairly common for buttons to need to be replaced or repaired. It’s common for both power buttons and home buttons to need replacements and repairs. The power button and home key are both frequently used, so they need to be replaced more often than other keys doithuong.

The more we rely on these devices, the more important it is for a trusted technician to repair, clean, or replace them. Bring your smartphone to an Asurion location the next time you experience any of these tragedies. In most cases, issues can be resolved within 60 minutes or less.