Are Video Games Getting Worse Every Year?

Are video games getting worse every year? That’s a question many people have been asking. The answer is a bit ambiguous. Some say yes, while others say no. The question of whether video games are getting worse or better is a complex one, and no single answer applies to all games. Here are some suggestions that might help you make the best game choices for your needs. Let’s start with the biggest culprits: the biggest companies that make video games.

First, think about the popularity of games. It used to be that kids and young adults had more time to play games. Now, many of them have families and jobs. And while some may have more time to spend playing games, they don’t have as much time. This explains why Call of Duty has been a hit despite its flaws. The problem is that publishers aren’t interested in selling copies of their games. They’re more interested in keeping players’ attention, a commodity that entertainment empires value.

A lot of the best games of all time were released years ago. The first of these games, Deus Ex, was so far ahead of its time. Mankind Divided, Human Revolution, and the like were all incredible works of art in their time. In 16 years, however, these games have been surpassed by modern titles and have undergone radical changes. And the genre’s biggest hit, Halo, isn’t even the same.